About Vyce

Vyce is an innovation focussed tech company. We use technology to solve problems to make things work better and make people's lives easier.

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We've been under the bonnet of thousands of businesses and we know how they operate. Most, if not all, continue to operate conventionally with human and paper based processes. Although this may have worked in the past, to remain competitive and to simply survive in the future, companies must adopt technology to streamline operations to reduce costs and improve productivity and ultimately the bottom line. That's what Vyce has been designed to do.

Technology is an enabler

Technology, if adopted and embraced properly, gives a company a competitive advantage over others. We're on a mission to help business owners be more profitable and managers and teams more informed, engaged and connected so they are happier and more productive at work.

Our Team

We are a growing team of self motivated, fast thinking (and acting) doers. We have backgrounds from the world of tech, marketing, finance and industry and from different parts of the world. We're always looking for new talent so if you're interested in joining a fast paced, fast growing tech business, get in touch.

Our culture (we know it's important)

We know culture is not what we say it is - it is the manifestation of our collective beliefs and actions. We don't want to force a culture on anyone, in fact it's the differences in people that creates an awesome culture. We celebrate that. That said, we like to believe our founding values and principles are shared. Be friendly, fun, fast and collaborative, be entrepreneurial, be trusted and never stop innovating.