Vyce Projects

Track, manage and report on your projects, tasks & milestones from anywhere, at any time on any device.

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Vyce Projects helps you manage and deliver your projects more efficiently, painlessly and effectively. Whether you're working on a large international project or a personal project, Vyce's Projects module helps you achieve your objectives, on time and on budget.

How it works...

Set up a project and assign roles.

Projects can be big (Olympics) or small (house extension). Define the key objectives, budgets and timeframe. Keep all your project documents and contacts in one place for all relevant team members to access 24/7 on any device.

Create and assign tasks

Projects are made up of one or a series of tasks. Create and assign as many tasks as you like. Define the tasks budget, timeframe and deadline. Tasks can be dependent or independent to other tasks being completed.

Keeping tasks and projects on schedule

All task owners are prompted at key milestones - when a task is due to start or due to complete and they‘re also automatically prompted to update task progress at the end of each week. They can upload photos with notes on task progress and define what % of the task and budget has been completed.

Real time project snapshot

With a task’s status being updated regularly, overall project progress can be tracked and monitored against original budgets, timing and outcomes.

Set up a project now or get in touch with the team for a demo.