Vyce Teams

Onboard, verify, manage and communicate with your teams all in one place.

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How it works...

Paperless onboarding

Onboard new starters or team members before arriving on location. Translatable into any language, mobile friendly digital forms ensure correct information is obtained & securely stored from the outset.

100% paperless. More accurate. More secure.

Verified workforce for better compliance

As soon as your team registers, Vyce automatically verifies their ID and Right to Work via our biometric ID verification system and Home Office integration. We instantly verify their tax status with HMRC and validate any qualifications they have.

24/7 real time workforce intelligence

You now have a real time dashboard of your workforce giving you a valuable snapshot on the total numbers working, roles, nationalities, ID verification status, Health & Safety status, RTW status, CSCS status + lots more. It gives you more visibility and actionable intelligence over your workforce.

100% transparency. 100% accountability.

Up to date data and documents

Every team member has their own profile and can keep their personal info up to date. They'll get notified in advance of any documents or permits expiring.

Communicate Effectively

Keep your work chat private. Create company wide channels for broadcast messages or get into the detail of a project or task with a team or individual. All kept in one place.

Mike Walsh

Managing Director, Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited
“Vyce has totally streamlined and automated our people management processes saving us a great deal of time, admin and money. Highly recommend it.”

Phil Watson

Managing Director, Chine Brickwork & Development
“With paperless onboarding, automated right to work checks and a dashboard view of my workforce, moving to Vyce has considerably improved our processes and operations..”

Charlie Moye

Managing Director, Swift Scaffolding
“Vyce makes it easy to onboard and manage my team and gives the business confidence that we have a safe and compliant workforce. It’s better for us, our team & our clients.”

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