Vyce Time

Accurately track, manage and report on your team's time when on location using smart, hardware free, location based tracking.

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Tracking productive work time should be easy for your team members and accurate, easy to implement and cost effective for you. That's how we've made it. Simple, hardware free time tracking with deeper custom settings and reporting for those that need it.

How it works...

Set up a project or location

Set up a project and if relevant, pinpoint a specific location where your team can clock in and clock out - this allows team members to clock in and out only when within range of your work place.

Customise your settings

Add one or multiple shifts to your project or location defining what hours are considered paid working hours, lunches, breaks, overtime etc.

Add approvers

If you want your team's time to be approved at the end of a period, you can add one or multiple levels of approvers. Once approved, timesheets can automatically be transferred to your payroll module for payment.

Once you're all set up, invite team members

Simply invite team members to download the Vyce Time App and they can get set up and clock in within minutes. They simply open the app, take a selfie and if within range, get clocked in and out of their workplace.

Real time data & reporting

See who's clocked in on your locations and if required, track the movements of an individual team member. On your real time dashboard you get reports of overall worker hours that help track time more effectively and identify productive and non productive team members.

Try Vyce Time for your team for free now or speak with the team for a demo