For Payroll Teams

A simple, trusted payroll partner or software solution

Automate paper & human based processes

whilst having total transparency and control.

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Managing a payroll can be stressful, compex and time consuming. That's why we designed Vyce Payroll. We've automated almost all of the human and paper based processes required to run payroll. From onboarding new starters, validating their Right to Work, managing timesheets, making payments and messaging individuals about what and when they're getting paid. Think of Vyce Payroll as your trusted payroll partner.

How it works...

Set up and customise how you want to pay your team.

Choose to outsource your payroll to Vyce (so we engage the worker) or you can simply use our software to manage your payroll (so you are engaging the worker). If outsourced to Vyce we take all contractual and tax responsibility.

Onboard your team members

Team members can onboard virtually in minutes. Translatable into any language, mobile friendly digital forms ensure correct information is obtained & securely stored from the outset. ID, RTW and tax status are all automatically verified and Health & Safety questionnaires completed.

Upload a timesheet or Vyce Time

Upload a timesheet or use the Vyce Time module to automatically track, approve and submit your team's time ready for it to be processed for payroll.

That's it..!

Once you've submitted your timesheet all calculations are automatically made and the pay run is processed as per your preferences. All team members are sent an email and SMS notifying them of their payment and can access and download all historical timesheets and payments in their profile. If you're using Vyce Payroll for your own payroll, you can download a BACS making it easy to process 1 or 10,000 individual payments in one go and can easily submit documentation straight to HMRC through our systems. Job done.

Vyce makes managing your teams payroll effortless.