Fonix Telematics

Our friends at Fonix Telematics are an innovative global supplier of vehicle telematics, tracking and in-vehicle video monitoring solutions. They offer advanced software solutions and reliable hardware coupled with a UK based customer service and support network. Vyce users can redeem an exclusive 10% discount by referencing 'VYCE'.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles can often be time consuming and confusing. Getting the best from a fleet and improving operational and financial performance is imperative and that’s where we come in. At Fonix we understand the importance of having a powerful system that is simple to use. Our modular design allows end users to add features to their accounts as their businesses grow and requirements become more complex.

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Lone Worker

Lone working is becoming more and more popular as workplaces become more flexible. Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all their workers regardless of whether they are office based or out on the road. Working alone is not against the law however the law requires employers to carefully consider any health and safety risks for those working on their own.

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Data Solutions

Data is one of the most important aspects of any fleet business. It helps to drive companies forward, keep the business flowing and optimise on efficiencies.

Collecting, interpreting and acting on data helps your clients make better business decisions and our data collecting service looks at vehicle data, road conditions and driving styles. The data that we collect is often captured on a bespoke basis according the specific requests of our clients, giving a bespoke solution for their exacting requirement.

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Custom Integration

There are a number of custom integration options to choose from. Whether you want to stream data into your databases or have your very own system, we have a solution for you. Our technical experts will be able to identify and recommend a solution based on your specific requirement, not limiting you to an ‘off the shelf’ package.

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