Hire a Hero

What they do...

Hire a Hero supports Service Leavers and Veterans to make the successful transition into civilian life.

How they do it...

Trained Hire a Hero staff, Career Coaches and volunteers working with Service Leavers and Veterans to help them make the right choices through the transition period.

Why they do it...

Because on leaving the armed services;
91% of the public believe those who have served have been mentally, emotionally or physically damaged;
92% of Service Leavers leave in good health;
48% of Early Service Leavers are unemployed six months after leaving;
58% of service personnel believe that most employers don’t understand them and won’t give them a chance;
Only 8% of Service leavers are medically discharged.

The original idea saw Hire a Hero concentrating only on employment however it was clear that the problems faced by individuals leaving the forces were great and more numerous than had originally been anticipated. They have since broadened the remit of Hire a Hero to cover training, housing, and care plans as well as employment for past, present and future service leavers.

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